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Guest speakers attending the SEA Concept Development Master Class 2014 will be joining us from different parts of the world from the international animation industry.

5_guest_speakersBarbara Slade, United Kingdom (Blue Arrow Production)
Barbara Slade is a writer, creator, and producer of children’s programming. She was raised in the US, but British of origin. She travels far and wide to spread her knowledge, and she has written and developed children’s series for Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC, Fox, and others.

6_guest_speakersKim Bjørnqvist, Norway (Kim Bjørnqvist A/S)
Kim Bjørnqvist is a consultant working with brand building, writing and directing commercials, consulting for the television business and writing books. He is former employed by the Danish Nordisk Film, working with several well-known feature films.

6_guest_speakersHeather Kenyon, USA (Citizen Skull Productions)
Heather Kenyon is vice-president of Development & Production at Citizen Skull Productions – a creative consultant for Kid Glove Creative. She is a former senior director of development of original series at Cartoon Network, and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and a founding member of Women in Animation.

1_guest_speakersFrederik Villumsen, Denmark (Nørlum)
Frederik Villumsen is the owner of Noerlum, an animation company which he co-founded after graduating from The Animation Workshop with a Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation. He is currently working as an animation director on the feature film Song of the Sea, a European co-production with Cartoon Saloon, Ireland.

7_guest_speakers1Tadashi Sudo, Japan (Chief of Internet website)
Tadashi Sudo is the chief of the internet based website Anime! Anime! and Anime! Anime! Biz – an online animation magazine covering the latest news, reviews, interviews, and feature articles from the animation industry. Mr. Sudo´s background is based within journalism in the field of Japanese animation.

7_guest_speakers1Celia Catunda, Brazil (TV PinGuim)
Celia Catunda is a character designer, animator and creative director. She is a co-founder of TV PinGuim, a production company specialized in content for children in movies, TV, editorial markets and digital media. They produced “Fishtronaut”, a 100% Brazilian series made in association with Discovery Kids TV Channel, currently being shown in 80 countries.

7_guest_speakers1Reynaldo Marchesini, Brazil (Mixer)
Reynaldo Marchesini has more than 16 years of professional experience in distribution, production and licensing for TV, movies and internet. He works with brand management for renowned companies such as the international studios Disney, Sony, Nintendo and Nelvana, among others. Today, he is the head of content at the children’s content department of MIXER.

7_guest_speakers1Toshi Sugimoto, Japan (Toshi Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Toshi Sugimoto worked for TAKARA Japan/USA, Disney Consumer Products Japan, SONY Urban Entertainment, Warner Bros Consumer Products Japan, prior to the senior corporate officer for Sega Toys Japan. He was invited to Asia-EU Cartoon Connection 2013 as a guest speaker to present his Toy-animation with a case study of Bakugan. He has a broad understanding of the Japanese industry system and the production partner’s strong industrial network.

4_guest_speakersHyoe Narita, France/Japan (President VIZ Media Europe Group)
Hyoe Narita is the President of Viz Media Europe Group. He has dedicated his career to the growing markets for Japanese content and entertainment. After nine years in Japan, working in the publishing industry for Shogakukan Inc., he came to Viz Media, LLC in San Francisco to help Viz Media become a market leader in manga distribution.

3_guest_speakersJakob Stegelmann, Denmark (Danmarks Radio)
Jakob Stegelmann is a writer, editor, film reporter and TV host. He is best known for his television program Troldspejlet, which has covered films, childrens’ and youth literature, comics, cartoon movies, and computer games for the Danish television station DR since 1989.

3_guest_speakersJim Moore, USA (LucasFilm)
Jim Moore is a concept designer and illustrator with over 10 years in the industry, including experience managing teams in game development as an art director. He has a diverse range of styles to accommodate clients across all industries. He is currently working for Lucasfilm animation being responsible of the development of concepts or characters, environment and props for the animated series “Clone Wars”.

3_guest_speakersMike Robinson, United Kingdom (Mike Robinson Consultancy)
Mike Robinson is the owner of Mike Robinson Consultancy, which specializes in co-production and project management within animation. Mike has worked within a variety of broadcasters, distributors, productions companies and investors. Mike has several times prepared reports on animation issues as well as advising clients on production budgets, schedules, control facilities, business plans and finance/rights strategies. He was one of the founder members of The British Animation Training Scheme (BATS); a moderator for both Cartoon forum and Cartoon Movie, he chairs and participates in Cartoon Cine, Cartoon Finance and Cartoon Training for Trainers.

3_guest_speakersFrank Mosvold, Norway (Kool Produktion AS)
Frank is a Norwegian film and television producer. He started his own production company, Kool Produktion AS in 1996, and has produced several award winning shorts including the Terje Vigen award at the Norwegian Short Film Festival for the film of An Accidental Story. In 2004, Frank started to make animated television series and have produced the animation television series Hubert and Sunshine Kathy.

3_guest_speakersSara Topsøe-Jensen, Denmark (Carte Blanche)
Sara is the founder and artistic leader of the Danish performance theatre Carte Blanche in Viborg, Denmark. She was nominated in the Rosamund Gilder/ Martha Coigney International Award. Sara was inspired by the recognisable director, Enrique Vargas and in 1998 Sara toured with his company Teatro de los sentidos, working with sensory maze and installations. Sara is also working with the sense of dramaturgy in a wide range of directions.