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The three SEA partners: Anima Mundi, The Animation Workshop, and Office H are the partners behind the SEA Concept Development Master Class, representing and opening up for a cooperation network between three large territories: Brazil, Europe, and Japan.

Anima Mundi, Brazil, South America
Anima Mundi is the International Animation Festival of Brazil directed by the team of four animators; Aida Queiroz, Cesar Coelho, Lea Zagury, and Marcos Magalhães. The very popular annual festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo; featuring screenings of Brazilian and international animated films as well, as well as training workshops for students and professionals. For more information, please visit the website:


The Animation Workshop, Denmark, Europe
The Animation Workshop is an animation film school and artists residence centre specialising in character animation, computer graphic art, concept development, and design. The Animation Workshop is composed of 7 departments: Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation; CG Arts or Graphic Storytelling, Professional Training, The Drawing Academy, Open Workshop, Centre for Animation Pedagogics, Business Development, Animation Hub / Innovation network. For more information, please visit the website


Office H, Japan, Asia
Office H is a marketing communication producer office, providing the expertise of marketing communications in the Japanese ICT and multimedia field. With 10 years of experience in North America based firms, Office H offers a professional service of strategic planning, management of marketing communications, and new business. For more information, please visit the blog: