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The SEA Concept Development Master Class 2014 program has been composed with the participants need in mind, to create a new story and universe. The lectures and talks of the program are:

Week 1:

15th February
Participants arrive at The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark

16th February
Cultural Mash-Up sessions w. Morten Thorning and Sara Topsøe-Jensen (DK)

17th February
“Pitch a story from my life” session, Forensic Drawing workshop w. Morten Thorning, Sara Topsøe-Jensen (DK)

18th february
The Market and Media Cultures of Brazil, Europe, and Asia panel debate w. Heather Kenyon (USA), Celia Catunda (BZ),Mike Robinson(UK), Tadashi Sudo (JP)

Brazil Talk – an inspirational talk w. Celia Catunda (BZ)

19th February
“Concept Development for Media Markets” w. Kim Bjørnqvist (N)

Europe Talk – an inspirational talk w. Frederik Villumsen (DK)

20th February
“Story & Concept Art” workshop w. Kim Bjørnqvist (N)

21st February
“Story & Universes” workshop w. Barbara Slade (UK)

Week 2

23rd February
Japan Talk – an inspirational talk w. Michitoshi Sugimoto (JP)

24th February
“The Beauty of the One Pager” workshop w. Barbara Slade (UK)

25th February
“Character & Environment” workshop w. Jim Moore (USA)

27th February
“Coaching the project pitch” workshop w. Kim Bjørnqvist (N)

28th February
Pitching-to-the-jury day

1st March
Participants departure from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark

You can download the program of SEA Animation Business Events plan in PDF here: